Some Condemn Religious Groups They Do Not Like Without Justification:

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Some Condemn Religious Groups They Do Not Like Without Justification: Empty Some Condemn Religious Groups They Do Not Like Without Justification:

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Some Condemn Religious Groups They Do Not Like Without Justification:

This article will show with evidence that two items opposers throw at groups they do NOT like are totally without justification.

FIRST, These opposers make the false charge that the group they do NOT like doesn’t take action to keep their house clean of evil and wicked individuals that secretly penetrate and enter these organizations when the evidence of their wrong doing is based on insufficient evidence. Of course no one should be convicted of wrong doing on insufficient evidence. To wit, innocent until proven guilty should be the course of action even though sometimes it will allow an evil one to not be convicted, but this is much better than having an innocent man convicted of something he did NOT do.

That no one should be convicted on the testimony of a single individual without collaborating evidence is even made clear in the Word of God, the Bible, as follows – all taken from the Authorized King James Bible: AV.

2Co 13:1 This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

Nu 35:30 Whoso killeth any person, the murderer shall be put to death by the mouth of witnesses: but one witness shall not testify against any person to cause him to die.

De 17:6 At the mouth of two witnesses, or three witnesses, shall he that is worthy of death be put to death; but at the mouth of one witness he shall not be put to death.

De 19:15 One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.

This REALITY is really brought home by a recent Texas case, as follows:

Columbia Law School study: How Texas executed an innocent man
By Patrick Martin
17 May 2012

A study released by Columbia University Law School this week documents in agonizing detail the execution of an innocent man in the state of Texas 23 years ago.

The Columbia Human Rights Law Review devoted its entire spring edition to a double-issue, book-length study of the state killing of Carlos DeLuna, demonstrating that a different man, Carlos Hernandez, was likely guilty of the murder for which DeLuna was tried, convicted and put to death.
The report is entitled Los Tocayos Carlos: An Anatomy of a Wrongful Execution (“Tocayos” means “namesakes” in Spanish). Professor James Liebman and 12 students at the law school worked on the investigation for more than seven years, interviewing a hundred witnesses and assembling an exhaustive mass of evidence.
The 20-year-old DeLuna was arrested in February 1983 for the stabbing death of a young woman, Wanda Lopez, in Corpus Christi, Texas. He consistently maintained his innocence, as well as identifying the actual murderer, Hernandez, who was the same height and weight and bore some resemblance to DeLuna.
Police and prosecutors maintained that Carlos Hernandez did not exist and was a “figment of DeLuna’s imagination,” as the chief prosecutor declared in his closing argument. However, an investigator for Professor Liebman found proof of Hernandez’s existence in only one day and learned that the two men were distantly related.

Hernandez was an alcoholic with a long history of violence, arrested 39 times, 13 of them for carrying a knife, and on parole most of his adult life. Several of his arrests were for hold-ups of gas stations and convenience stores. Wanda Lopez was a store clerk at a Shamrock gas station.

Two months before DeLuna was executed, in October 1989, Hernandez was sentenced to ten years in prison for a knife assault on another woman. The lock-blade buck knife he used in the assault was eventually found to be the same weapon that killed Wanda Lopez six years before.

Hernandez made repeated statements about having killed Wanda Lopez, joking about how his “tocayo” had been arrested and convicted for that crime in his stead. Corpus Christi police heard about these claims but made no effort to revisit the case against DeLuna or hold back his execution.

According to the Columbia University report, Lopez actually called police twice the night of her death, asking for protection from a man with a switchblade knife, but the police did nothing. Professor Liebman observed, “They could have saved her. They said ‘we made this arrest immediately’ to overcome the embarrassment.”

Carlos Hernandez died in prison in 1999, of cirrhosis of the liver, ten years after the execution of Carlos DeLuna and five years before the Columbia University team took up the case.

Once they began investigating, the shockingly inept police work became apparent. The case against DeLuna was based on the eyewitness testimony of a man who had seen the attack but later confirmed that he could not tell one Hispanic man from another.

DeLuna was found hiding under a pickup truck a block away. Then 20 years old, he was described as “childlike” in his demeanor and clearly frightened. He was marched back to the gas station, identified by the witness and promptly arrested.

Even then, there were obvious discrepancies, as the witness had initially described the attacker as a man with a mustache and wearing a grey flannel shirt. DeLuna was clean-shaven and wearing a white dress shirt.
No useable fingerprints were taken, no blood samples or scrapings from the victim’s fingernails. Crime scene photographs showed a bloody footprint next to the body that was never measured, let alone compared to the shoes worn by the alleged attacker.

The crime scene was washed down within two hours so the owner could reopen the gas station for business. When Liebman sought the evidence file to conduct DNA testing, which was not available in 1983, he was told all the evidence had disappeared.
The report’s authors conclude: “Unfortunately, the flaws in the system that wrongfully convicted and executed DeLuna—faulty eyewitness testimony, shoddy legal representation and prosecutorial misconduct—continue to send innocent men to their death today.”

In statements to the press accompanying the release of the report, Professor Liebman pointed to the routine character of the colossal injustice perpetrated on Carlos DeLuna. “This wasn’t the trial of OJ Simpson,” he said. “It was an obscure case, the kind that could involve anybody.
"We’ve provided as complete a set of information as we can about a pretty average case, to let the public make its own judgment. I believe they will make the judgment that in this kind of case there’s just too much risk.”
In their foreword to the publication of “Los Tocayos Carlos,” the editors of the Human Rights Law Review also emphasize the ordinariness of the case, which was the product not of a well-organized frame-up, but the routine methods used to send to their deaths the vast majority of the nearly 500 men and women executed in Texas over the past three decades.

They write that the study “poignantly reveals how easily our legal system can fail to produce just outcomes even without the deliberate interference of individuals acting in bad faith and how the consequences of such failures can be irrevocable and, at times, fatal… At a minimum, we hope that this breathtaking story will be an adequate answer to those who question whether it is possible that an innocent man has ever been executed for a crime he did not commit in the United States.” [source - retrieved from on 6/2/2012]
Proves the great wrongs possible when guilt or innocence is based on the testimony of a single witness with no real credible collaborating evidence.

Enough said, but for those wishing more information, go to:

1 -

2 -

3 -

[note, all above sources active as of 6/2/2012]

This brings up the important subject of organizations that try to keep free of evil and wicked ones who sneak in vs. those who try to cover-up wrong doings. Before going into this REALITY, here is a foreword:

SECOND, Guilt Comes On Organizations That Fail To Clean House Of The Wicked Ones:


First, The world we live in is ruled by the wicked one as testified to by 1 John 5:19, “And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.” (Authorized King James Bible; AV). If we pick up a newspaper in any country, we find reports of cruelty and violence on an unprecedented scale. Man’s inhumanity to man is troubling for a righteous person to contemplate as testified to at Ecclesiastes 8:9, “All this have I seen, and applied my heart unto every work that is done under the sun: there is a time wherein one man ruleth over another to his own hurt.” (AV).

Second, Most individuals and/or groups seek to avoid responsibility for their own actions rather than take corrective actions. This also applies to so called religious groups that seek to absolve themselves of responsibility for the wrong actions of members, but fail, willingly, to take action against these wrong doers by purging themselves of these wicked ones.


If a religion fails to clean house of evil and wicked men when they are discovered, and especially of evil and wicked men/women taking the lead in a congregation, and/or congregations such as Pastors, Ministers, Sheiks, Imams, Bishops, Cardinals, Etc., then the religion is responsible for their wrong doing. Some religions such as Islam have never cleaned house of evil and wicked individuals when they are discovered and that religion has been violent since its beginning, and many of its members lust for violence in such acts as beheading of others, suscide bombers, makers of IEDs, etc. do to the teachings of their groups religious leaders. One notable example of an evil and wicked individual Islam well knows of who is a leader of a large group of members of Islam is Sheik Osama bin Ladin. Of course, Islam, is NOT the only religion that fails to take effective action against evil and wicked individuals and leaders of groups among them, another is the Catholic and Angalican churches that for many years just moved pedophiles to a new congregation when they were uncovered as the world's news media has so well identified. Groups seeking to keep themselves clean of evil and wicked individuals that sneak into their group take the appropriate action; to wit, they throw them out.

Now many religions seek to escape reality by claiming they have no provisions within their religion for purging out these wicked ones, but this is no excuse since it is their failure to provide measures for purging out these wicked ones and no one else’s.

Now let’s look at one such religion that tries to escape their responsibility for cleaning house so to speak.


Now of course it is important to recognize that not all Muslims are terrorist and jihadists nor refuse to recognize the property rights of others, it is likewise equally important to recognize that all jihadists are members of Islam. Islam is totally responsible for their actions as they tacitly approve of their evil wrong doing and have never cleaned house of these wicked ones. To wit, by not doing so, they have taken on the responsibility for their wrongful actions upon themselves. Yes, of course they are not the only religion that has failed to clean house; thus taking on the guilt of these wrong doers. Any religion, no exception, which fails to clean house is nothing but an evil false religion. And as previously stated, ‘Now many religions seek to escape reality by claiming they have no provisions within their religion for purging out these wicked ones, but this is no excuse since it is their failure to provide measures for purging out these wicked ones and no one else’s.’

The Jehovah’s Witnesses, to use one much misaligned organization, attempt to keep their organization clean of these wicked and evil ones, but of course, they sometimes manage to sneak in. When once found out and sufficient evidence, more than one witness and/or collaborating evidence is available, they are thrown out. Sometimes, the JWs and NOT just the evil and wicked one as the tendency in many nations, most notably the USA and Canada, is to name as many dependents in a case as possible even though they have little or nothing to do with the transgression. This is a wrong legal tendency by some prosecutors and/or plaintiffs lawyers.

However, other organizations try to cover-up wrong doing and even go so far as to move the known wrong doer somewhere else rather than throw him out. Here is one such example.

Catholic Church Will Now Teach Us How to Handle Sex Abuse
The Philly Post ^ | 11/30/2011 | Paul Davies
Posted on 11/30/2011 1:52:20 PM PST by Alex Murphy
With all due respect, Pope Benedict XVI either lives in an alternate reality or needs better PR handlers. His comments over the weekend to U.S. bishops about the sex abuse of children showed a continued disconnect with the church’s mishandling of this ongoing scandal. The pope referenced the church’s “conscientious effort” to confront sex abuse by priests.
Uh? Perhaps the pope meant to say conscientious cover-up.
No institution has done more to deny and downplay the sexual abuse of young boys than the Catholic Church. No institution has done more to discredit victims and protect pedophile priests than the Catholic Church. And no institution has done more to avoid accountability for decisions made at the highest levels to cover up decades of sexual abuse of boys by scores of priests.
After decades of denial, it is really stunning for the pope to talk about the church’s “conscientious effort” to confront this scandal. At best, there have been some half steps brought on mainly by legal actions. If anything, the church has orchestrated a conscientious effort to minimize the scandal and hide behind any legal statute of limitations. But most everyone—including many Catholics like myself—is still waiting for church leaders to root out all the problem priests and hold others accountable for the cover-up.

The pope is right that all of society’s institutions—not just the Catholic Church—must be held to “exacting” standards in their response to sex abuse of children. He correctly called pedophilia a “scourge.” But then the pope had the gall to hold up the church as an example for how to confront the problem.
“It is my hope that the Church’s conscientious efforts to confront this reality will help the broader community to recognize the causes, true extent and devastating consequences of sexual abuse, and to respond effectively to this scourge which affects every level of society,” he said.
If other institutions follow the church’s lead regarding the handling of sex abuse by priests, well, then heaven help us all. David Clohessy, head of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said: “No public figure talks more about child safety but does little to actually make children safer than Pope Benedict.”

Of course, one can’t help but feel the pope’s recent comments were timed to coincide with the sex-abuse scandal at Penn State. In a sense he was saying: “See, the church isn’t the only institution with a pedophile problem.” At Penn State, former defensive football coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been charged with sexually abusing eight boys over a number of years. Some have said the two scandals are similar because of the cover-up that reached the top echelon of two esteemed institutions.

But that is also where the similarities end. Unlike the Catholic Church, Penn State has taken swift and decisive action, with more likely to come. Days after Sandusky’s indictment, university president Graham Spanier was forced out and legendary coach Joe Paterno was fired. Granted the university, like the church, initially did its best to cover up the abuse. But unlike the church, once the allegations came to light there were no excuses or denials or efforts to blame the media by the university trustees. Instead there has been real accountability. Those not charged with crimes were removed from power because they failed to alert law enforcement. Including JoePa, the proverbial pope of Penn State.

“The church to this day, while waving a moral flag, hasn’t even come close to the Penn State Board of Trustees response,” said Kristine Ward, chair of the National Survivor Advocates Coalition. She pointed out that no bishops have been fired. “Issuing self-satisfied pats on the back while children remain in danger only further diminishes the church’s credibility and deepens the laryngitis in its moral voice.”

The pope is correct that child sex abuse isn’t limited to the church. But no one has said as much. The reason so much attention has been paid to the church is because of the Vatican’s supposed moral authority; the abuse stretched around the world; and the cover-up was extensive. “While child sex crimes happen in every institution, in no institution are they ignored or concealed as consistently as in the Catholic Church,” Clohessy said.
Not even at Penn State. [source - retrieved from on 6/2/2012]

Here are some sources that will assist those wishing to do further research:

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -

[note, all above sources active as of 6/2/2012]


Many are just fooling themself, it is not what either the Bible or the Bible knockoff the Qur'an actually say, but how religious leaders be they priest and/or imams or muftis or what ever teach the people is the interpretation of what is written either in the Bible or the bible knockoff the Qur'an that matters and governs actions. It matters not what the Bible and/or the Bible knockoff really say. People go by what they are taught by their religious leaders. Take the genocide committed by the Roman Catholic Church at the direction of their supreme religious leader, the pope, what mattered was not that the Bible clearly said at Exodus 20:13, "Thou shalt not kill." (Authorized King James Bible; AV), but what their religious leaders told them. Therefore, it is the religion which is at fault, irregardless of what their particular holy book, be it the Bible or the Bible knockoff the Qur'an may say. Neither in so called Christianity or in Islam are most individuals actions really governed in any way by what their particular holy book really says, but they are governed by the interpretation of their religious leaders. Thus, knowing this reality, one would be either just plain stupid and/or dumb to even bother looking at a particular religion's holy book and expect the members would conform to it. Take the Rig Vede and find me for example a Hindu actually conforming to it instead of the interpretation given to it by his religious leaders, like looking for a needle in the haystack per K.S. Lal, India's greatest historian.

Likewise the failure to clean house of evil ones puts their wrongs directly upon the organization failing to throw out evil/wicked ones when they are found out.

Now to know the truth, go to:








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