The Sponsors of Unprovoked Attacks and Criminal Acts Responsible For All That Occurs:

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The Sponsors of Unprovoked Attacks and Criminal Acts Responsible For All That Occurs: Empty The Sponsors of Unprovoked Attacks and Criminal Acts Responsible For All That Occurs:

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The Sponsors of Unprovoked Attacks and Criminal Acts Responsible For All That Occurs:


Many like to place the blame on others for what results from their own willful acts. With Islam this has been the case from at least 711 AD forward. In 711 AD they attacked Spain and through the years overran most of the country, but when they got kicked out finally about seven hundred years after they started their illegal occupation they screamed about all the wonderful things they did for those they subjected; what utter nonsense.

Now the same group after illegally occupying Palestine against its rightful title holders who were so gracious as to allow them to remain in two large parts are crying crocodile tears because when they WRONGFULLY attacked areas belonging to the legitimate title holders; guess what, the legitimate title holders defended themselves. Now it makes one wonder, what these individuals and groups were thinking the legitimate title holders should do when attacked without any provocation?


Early history and the unprovoked attack on Spain:

In 711 the Visigothic were ruling in Spain and in no way attacking Islam, yet Islam attacked them without any real provocation. Yes, of course they claimed they had provocation, i.e., they claimed that last Visigoth king, Roderick had seduced the young Florinda, daughter of Julian, Visigothic governor of Ceuta in north Africa an apostate (counterfeit) Christian and they were out to avenge this; but clearly two things stand out, First, it was none of their business, Second, there is no evidence that this ever occurred.

Now Let's look at proof that Islam is NOT a religion of peace from history,
<<" In 711 CE Tariq ibn Ziyad, the governor of Tangiers, landed in Gibraltar with around 10,000 men, mostly Berbers (indigenous North Africans). He had some of Roderick's Visigoth rivals as allies. In the same or following year in the Cadiz province, Roderick's army was decimated and he is thought to have drowned as he fled. The Visigothic survivors fled to the north of Spain, and within a few years, the Muslims had taken over the rest of the Iberian Peninsula bar a few areas in the Asturian Mountains bordering France.
[source - , then click 'Muslim Conquest of Spain' {Note: this is a Muslim site.}].

This was nothing short of stealing what did not belong to them by force.

Recent history of another unprovoked attack, this time on an Israel army camp in Israel:

First, a short item on who had rightful title to the land:
<<"Promised Land held in trust. Even the people Israel, to whom God had given the land for them to enjoy as landowners, were told by Jehovah that they were not actually owners of it but only held it in trust. He said concerning the sale of a family land estate: "So the land should not be sold in perpetuity, because the land is mine. For you are alien residents and settlers from my standpoint." (Le 25:23) God had ousted the Canaanites from the land for their disgusting practices. He warned he would also take away all title from Israel and drive them out of the land if they followed such practices, and when they later did, they were sent into exile. (Le 18:24-30; 25:18, 19; 26:27-33; Jer 52:27) After 70 years of desolation of their land, from 607 to 537 B.C.E., God mercifully reestablished them, but this time under Gentile domination. Eventually, in 70 C.E., the Romans completely destroyed Jerusalem and scattered its people.

Within the nation, tribes were assigned sections of the land or cities inside the boundaries of other tribes. Priests and Levites had cities with pasture grounds. (Jos 15-21) In turn, within the tribes families were allotted inheritances. These divisions became smaller as families subdivided their own allotments because of increase in numbers. This resulted in thorough cultivation and use of the land. Inheritances were not allowed to circulate from one tribe to another. To prevent this, women who inherited land (because there were no living brothers) had to marry within the tribe to hold their inheritance.-Nu 36:1-12.">>[source - Insight on the Scriptures, Vol. 2]

So as can be seen, the Jews have clear title to all of Palestine and NOT the apostate (counterfeit) Christians Crusaders nor members of Islam. But what do the members of Islam squatters do, they seek to kill Jews dwelling on land to which they have rightful title because they want it for themselves as is usual for Islam. They send suicide bombers in to murder Jews, and send in military rockets to do the same evil thing - now how can anyone in his right mind call Islam a religion of peace. Witness the recent attack on 06/26/2006 on a Jewish military camp where members of Islam murdered two Jewish soldiers who were doing them no wrong and kidnapped a third whose whereabouts is unknown on 06/27/2006; this despite the fact that the Jews are willing to let the Islamic squatters dwell on a large area of their land, and only want peace, i.e., to be left alone and not attacked and murdered.

On 07/05/2006 the world news said, <<" Israeli forces take over belt of northern Gaza, Reuters - 49 minutes ago [07/05/2006]
GAZA - Israeli armored forces took over a belt of the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday, expanding an offensive after militants fired rockets that hit a major city, Palestinian security sources said. Under covering fire from helicopter gunships, tanks moved into an area including the rubble of three of the Jewish settlements evacuated when Israel abandoned the Gaza Strip last summer after 38 years of occupation." [source - Reuters]>>.
Just another unprovoked attack. Why? Because Israel had gone after the squatters for killing three people and kidnapping a fourth, and the government, Hamas, refused to do what was right, return the kidnapped victim and punish and/or turn over the criminals, but unbelievable joined with them and became accessories-after-the-fact.

And other Islamic governments, believe it or not, want Israel to stop trying to get justice and return the kidnapped victim to his parents. Let's look at the proof from the world news, with comments identified [[ comment ]], <<" Sat Jul 8, 11:19 AM ET
TEHRAN (AFP) - The foreign ministers of Arab nations attending a meeting on
Iraq in Iran condemned Israel for its "increasing aggression against the Palestinian people" [[now who is the aggressor when you go over the boarder and kill two individuals and kidnappe a third?]] and attacked the "silence" of the international community. [[They are crying crocodile tears due to the reaction to an unprovoked attack by members of Islam and the natural justified response to same]].

"The Arab foreign ministers participating in today's Tehran meeting expressed their strong condemnation of this continuing and increasing aggression against the Palestinian people [[Agression? All Israel is asking is for the return of their soldier and for rocket attacks to stop when actually they should be asking for much more such as punishment of the criminals whom Hamas has become accessories-after-the-fact with.]]," Arab League Secretary General Amr Mussa said in a statement Saturday.

Arab officials from Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and
Syria were gathered in Tehran Saturday for a two-day conference on security in Iraq.

The statement said the officials also "voiced sorrow over international silence, and held United Nations Security Council members responsible for the dangerous violations of international laws and treaties" [[They refuse to accept reality of the fact that it was members of Islam and not the Jews who violated international law and treaties.]].
They also "decided to continue consultions among themselves and other foreign ministers of Arab nations to take necessary steps over the aggressive Israeli policies" [[Aggressive policies, such as responding to a very egregious crime that the government, Hamas, became accessories-after-the-fact to.]].

Israel two weeks ago launched a massive incursion into the Gaza Strip after Palestinian militants from three groups, including Hamas's armed wing, captured an Israeli soldier in a deadly raid on a border outpost.[[Why do not these Arab nations demand that Hamas return the Soldier and punish the egregious criminals, and seek for peace to return to the ares?]]">>[/quote]


First, an exact quote:
interesting name for someone whom fails to see. if america was loosing innocent civillians at the same rate as muslims, your stomach for war would be in doubt. suicide bombers take the war too the israelis etc. if suicide bombers killed some us civillians in ny, would that be fair revenge for the civillian deaths in iraq, afgahn, etc?
If one lights the fuse to a stick of dynamite, they should not be surprised at the explosion that results, so get real. If you make an unprovoked attack on someone, YOU ARE AT FAULT for any thing that results, do you get it?

Now let's face it, we should pursue peace, not war as shown at 1 Peter 3:8-12, "Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous: 9 Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing. 10 For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile: 11 Let him eschew evil, and do good; let him seek peace, and ensue it. 12 For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil." (Authorized King james Bible; AV). Clearly then, we should pursue peace; however, Islam seeks revenge for what happens to them for what they start which is as absurd as seeking revenge from the manufacturer for the damage done by a stick of dynamite that you willfully lit full well knowing the results.

Second, an exact quote:
when an israeli or yank kills an innocent muslim civillian, you deem that ok. for a muslim to reciprocate you start name calling. how many civillians have now died in iraq as a direct result of american ordinance? how many palestinians have died as a result of jewish occupation?
Again one must look at the circumstances. If it happens as collateral damages due to an egregious act, then the one committing the egregious act is to blame and no one else. But as can be seen from the above quote, the writer seeks to put the blame on the WRONG persons and/or group rather than to be honest and admit the guilt of his/her group. However, the one or group that caused the wrongful situation that resulted in the unfortunate incident is solely to blame.

Let's look at an example, some evil doer shoots a rocket at an individual or city, and the individual or city defends itself and hits back with heavy military gear and innocent citizens get hurt who is to blame? Simple, the ones responsible for the original egregious situation. Now let's face it the unfortunate situations in Afghanistan and Iraq are both due to an attack by Osama bin Ladin; therefore, he and like minded individuals MUST BE HELD GUILTY FOR ALL THAT RESULTS, so let's be real and put the blame where it rightfully belongs.

Third, an exact quote:
i do not agree with targeting of civillians by either side, either with sophisticated weapons or suicide bombers. it is wrong, but if one side does it, you must understand so will the other. both are murdering innocents. neither side has the moral high ground. one must also keep in mind that the iraqis and palestinians have been invaded. their civillians have been targeted first.
Anyone committing the unprovoked attack is JUST PLAIN WRONG and you well know it, and has NO RIGHT to not expect a defense. They are responsible for all that transpires, and not the one being aggressed against. In other words you go out to make war and trouble, you should bear the total responsibility for all that results.

There are no sides to justice and peace which all should pursue. This person's argument is completely flawed. You are in effect saying that if a criminal kidnaps someone or robs someone the police have no right to bring him to justice which is patently absurd, and completely against the concept of true justice.

Also, no one should target civilians or for that matter anyone else, ALL SHOULD PURSUE PEACE. Hamas has made it clear that they do NOT want peace and tranquility by becoming accessories-after-the-fact with criminals and even contemptuously saying that they want to legitimate the legitimate title holders. Yes, this is the same nonsense as they tried in Spain, but the Spanish were smarter than the Israelis in that they threw the occupiers who had occupied their country entirely out instead of letting them keep some of their ill gotten land, and now they are paying for being kind.

Fourth, In order order to understand what this struggle is all about, one must understand Hamas' goals, largely derived from its ideological paternity to the Egyptian Muslim Brothehood. As a Sunni extremist offshoot of the Brotherhood, Hamas' raison d'etre is Israel's destruction -- nothing less will do. Despite my instinctive belief that one should try to negotiate a way out of this dilemma no matter the odds, I have concluded that the only way out of this mess is to separate Hamas' entire military and political leadership from the oppressed citizenry of Gaza (and yes, it is absolutely a mischaracterization of fact to assert that Hamas is the legitimate ruler of Gaza). Easier said than done you say. But as long as Hamas rules Gaza, no amount of cajoling is going to end the vicious cycle of terror that Hamas is inflicting first and foremost on its own beaten-down Palestinian victims as well as on Israel.


Guilt Comes On Organizations That Fail To Clean House Of The Wicked Ones:


First, The world we live in is ruled by the wicked one as testified to by 1 John 5:19, “And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.” (Authorized King James Bible; AV). If we pick up a newspaper in any country, we find reports of cruelty and violence on an unprecedented scale. Man’s inhumanity to man is troubling for a righteous person to contemplate as testified to at Ecclesiastes 8:9, “All this have I seen, and applied my heart unto every work that is done under the sun: there is a time wherein one man ruleth over another to his own hurt.” (AV).

Second, Most individuals and/or groups seek to avoid responsibility for their own actions rather than take corrective actions. This also applies to so called religious groups that seek to absolve themselves of responsibility for the wrong actions of members, but fail, willingly, to take action against these wrong doers by purging themselves of these wicked ones.


If a religion fails to clean house of evil and wicked men when they are discovered, and especially of evil and wicked men/women taking the lead in a congregation, and/or congregations such as Pastors, Ministers, Sheiks, Imams, Bishops, Cardinals, Etc., then the religion is responsible for their wrong doing. Some religions such as Islam have never cleaned house of evil and wicked individuals when they are discovered and that religion has been violent since its beginning, and many of its members lust for violence in such acts as beheading of others, suscide bombers, makers of IEDs, etc. do to the teachings of their groups religious leaders. One notable example of an evil and wicked individual Islam well knows of who is a leader of a large group of members of Islam is Sheik Osama bin Ladin. Of course, Islam, is NOT the only religion that fails to take effective action against evil and wicked individuals and leaders of groups among them, another is the Catholic and Angalican churches that for many years just moved pedophiles to a new congregation when they were uncovered as the world's news media has so well identified. Groups seeking to keep themselves clean of evil and wicked individuals that sneak into their group take the appropriate action; to wit, they throw them out.

Now many religions seek to escape reality by claiming they have no provisions within their religion for purging out these wicked ones, but this is no excuse since it is their failure to provide measures for purging out these wicked ones and no one else’s.

Now let’s look at one such religion that tries to escape their responsibility for cleaning house so to speak.


Now of course it is important to recognize that not all Muslims are terrorist and jihadists nor refuse to recognize the property rights of others, it is likewise equally important to recognize that all jihadists are members of Islam. Islam is totally responsible for their actions as they tacitly approve of their evil wrong doing and have never cleaned house of these wicked ones. To wit, by not doing so, they have taken on the responsibility for their wrongful actions upon themselves. Yes, of course they are not the only religion that has failed to clean house; thus taking on the guilt of these wrong doers. Any religion, no exception, which fails to clean house is nothing but an evil false religion. And as previously stated, ‘Now many religions seek to escape reality by claiming they have no provisions within their religion for purging out these wicked ones, but this is no excuse since it is their failure to provide measures for purging out these wicked ones and no one else’s.’


Many are just fooling themself, it is not what either the Bible or the Bible knockoff the Qur'an actually say, but how religious leaders be they priest and/or imams or muftis or what ever teach the people is the interpretation of what is written either in the Bible or the bible knockoff the Qur'an that matters and governs actions. It matters not what the Bible and/or the Bible knockoff really say. People go by what they are taught by their religious leaders. Take the genocide committed by the Roman Catholic Church at the direction of their supreme religious leader, the pope (Pope Innocent III genocide against the Cathars), what mattered was not that the Bible clearly said at Exodus 20:13, "Thou shalt not kill." (Authorized King James Bible; AV), but what their religious leaders told them. Therefore, it is the religion which is at fault, irregardless of what their particular holy book, be it the Bible or the Bible knockoff the Qur'an may say. Neither in so called Christianity or in Islam are most individuals actions really governed in any way by what their particular holy book really says, but they are governed by the interpretation of their religious leaders. Thus, knowing this reality, one would be either just plain stupid and/or dumb to even bother looking at a particular religion's holy book and expect the members would conform to it. Take the Rig Vede and find me for example a Hindu actually conforming to it instead of the interpretation given to it by his religious leaders, like looking for a needle in the haystack per K.S. Lal, India's greatest historian.

Likewise the failure to clean house of evil ones puts their wrongs directly upon the organization failing to throw out evil/wicked ones when they are found out.

Now to know the truth, go to:








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