Genocidal Islamic Jihad blamed for the extinction of Buddhism in India

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Genocidal Islamic Jihad blamed for the extinction of Buddhism in India

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Genocidal Islamic Jihad blamed for the extinction of Buddhism in India
August 15, 2011 By JohnThomas Didymus

A writer Sandeep Sharma, has denied a statementcredited to the Hindu statesman Mahatma Gandhi, that the present Muslim population in India represents nearly a quarter of the pre-Islamic Hindu population which converted to Islam.
Sandeep Sharma, writing in the Buddhist Channel, challenges the widely accepted claim that India, before the Islamic Jihad, was mono-religious, with Hinduism being the dominant religion. Sandeep Sharma's rendition of the history of pre-Islamic India lays the blame for the wiping out of Buddhism in India on genocidal Islamic Jihad.

According to Sharma, by the dawn of the first millennium CE, the Hindus and Buddhists co-existed peaceful in a wide region stretching from the islands of the Indonesian archipelago to the wild regions of Central Asia. The peaceful co-existence between Buddhists and Hindus was such that people of the same region, tribes and families could both be Hindus and Buddhists and kings gave equal support to both religions irrespective of their personal convictions.
But when, in the seventh century, the Arabs with their new Islamic religion broke out of their Arabian desert homes, armed with a violent evangelical zeal for their faith, they annihilated the old faith of Zoroastrianism and Eastern Christianity within a generation in Persia. The Arab Muslims were defeated by a coalition of Hindu kings in the battle of Rajasthan in 738 AD, forcing them to turn their attention north towards Central Asia which was predominantly Buddhist. Islamic pressure on the Buddhist kingdoms caused them to fall one by one. What followed, according to Sharma, was an Arab Muslim orgy of destruction of monasteries and murders of priests. By the end of the millennium, the Buddhists had almost been wiped out in Central Asia up to the borders of India and Tibet.

[source - retrieved from on 8/16/2011]


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