Absurd Irrational Insane Behavior by Islam Over The Naming of A Teddy Bear

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Absurd Irrational Insane Behavior by Islam Over The Naming of A Teddy Bear Empty Absurd Irrational Insane Behavior by Islam Over The Naming of A Teddy Bear

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Absurd Irrational Insane Behavior by Islam Over The Naming of A Teddy Bear


Some members of Islam including their religious leaders and government officials are clearly irresponsible irrationally insane. This is shown by their irresponsible irrational insane response to the naming of a mere toy by a group of Muslim children and a Muslim's government response with respect same against an innocent teacher. Let's look at the reality:

<<<" You are just fooling yourself, it is not what either the Bible or the Bible knockoff the Qur'an actually say, but how religious leaders be they priest and/or imams or muftis or what ever teach the people is the interpretation of what is written either in the Bible or the bible knockoff the Qur'an that matters and governs actions. It matters not what the Bible and/or the Bible knockoff really say. People go by what they are taught by their religious leaders. Take the genocide committed by the Roman Catholic Church at the direction of their supreme religious leader, the pope, what mattered was not that the Bible clearly said at Exodus 20:13, "Thou shalt not kill." (Authorized King James Bible; AV), but what their religious leaders told them. Therefore, it is the religion at fault, irregardless of what their particular holy book, be it the Bible or the Bible knockoff the Qur'an may say. Neither in so called Christianity or in Islam are most individuals actions really governed in any way by what their particular holy book really says, but they are governed by the interpretation of their religious leaders. Thus, knowing this reality, one would be either just plain stupid and/or dumb to even bother looking at a particular religion's holy book and expect the members would conform to it. Take the Rig Vede and find me for example a Hindu actually conforming to it instead of the interpretation given to it by his religious leaders, like looking for a needle in the haystack per K.S. Lal, India's greatest historian."[source - statement by Iris the Preacher in 2006]>>>.

Islam's religious leaders have of recent shown themselves to be just totally irrational and absurd as have the leaders of on Islamic nation. To wit, it is okay in Islam to name murders, thiefs, sadist, homosexuals, etc. Muhammad, but not okay for a group of 7 year old Muslim children to name their innocent toy Muhammad, how utterly absurd. Worse, instead of punishing the children that did this, Islam seeks to punish their teacher - who did NOT name the toy for, get this 'Insulting Islam.' What irrational and insane donkey dung. Now let's look at the real facts per John 8:32, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (Authorized King James Bible; AV). Let's look at the actual incident and comments on same in a leading US Newspaper, The Los Angeles Times. All comments within, [[ comment ]].

<<<"The Teddy Bear Incident:

By Janet Stobart, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer, December 5, 2007

LONDON -- British schoolteacher Gillian Gibbons plans to get back to the classroom once she finishes celebrating her release from a Sudanese jail.

"I'll be looking for a job," she said Tuesday morning during a news conference after her arrival at London's Heathrow Airport, where she was met by her overjoyed son and daughter, John and Jessica.

Gibbons, 54, a primary school teacher from the northern town of Liverpool, was sentenced to jail by a Sudanese court for insulting Islam, in an incident involving a teddy bear. She couldn't stop smiling as she told reporters she was "very glad to be back and a little shocked at the media attention I have been getting."

Her release came after tense negotiations between two members of Britain's House of Lords and the Sudanese government.

"It has been an ordeal, but I would like you to know I was well-treated in prison and everybody was very kind to me," she said. "I'm just an ordinary middle-aged teacher in search of adventure and I got a bit more of an adventure than I bargained for."

Special ambassador

Gibbons' ordeal began when she asked her class at the Unity Primary School in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, which teaches a Western curriculum to mainly Muslim children, to name a teddy bear that would then be used as a sort of roving ambassador, sending messages to children in other countries.

Her class of 7-year-olds chose to name the bear Muhammad. Complaints of sacrilege for taking the name of Islam's prophet in vain reached the government.

Such an offense is punishable by a prison sentence, a fine and 40 lashes, according to hard-line Muslim officials.

Despite receiving support from parents and children at the school, Gibbons was arrested Nov. 25 and charged with insulting Islam. She was sentenced to 15 days in prison.

The case prompted thousands of demonstrators to take to the streets of Khartoum with calls for a sterner sentence, even execution, and a public outcry in Britain denouncing the Sudanese reaction as absurd and overly strict.[[Clearly many in Islam are irrational insane as shown by their actions in this case. If the reverse situation were to happen in a none Islamic land; to wit, some students named a Teddy Bear Jesus nothing would be done or said about it as other people are not irrational insane.]]

Critics included the leader of the Muslim Council of Britain, Muhammad Abdul Bari, who called the sentence "a gross overreaction."[[Even some Muslims thought it wrong.]]

He praised the efforts of the two British peers who negotiated her release. "There was clearly no intention on the part of the teacher to deliberately insult the Islamic faith. . . . We are glad this has finally been recognized," he said.

Lord Nazir Ahmed, a Labor Party peer, and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a Conservative, met with Sudanese officials and President Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir, who granted Gibbons a presidential pardon.

The two mediators told the BBC that the two-day negotiations see-sawed between hope and concern.[[Two day negotiation over utterly insane irrational response of a government to what should not even be an issue. This would not happen in the United Kingdom if some students named a Teddy Bear Jesus; the response would be literally no response at all, and especially against the teacher an absolute innocent. Why not? Simple because the United Kingdom government is NOT irrationally insane as are some Islamic governments and believes in being rational.]]

"As we set off, we had been presented with some hope from the Sudanese authorities," Warsi said. On their arrival Saturday, the day after the demonstrations in Khartoum, she said, they found the goal had changed from winning Gibbons' early release. "We were faced with a situation where there were calls for a retrial and possibly a much tougher sentence." [[Tougher sentence for what? The teacher had committed no wrong, just the government and some people, all Sunni members of Islam, were irrationally insane.]]

There were divisions within the government, with hard-liners calling for a retrial and newspaper headlines saying, "Shoot This Woman," Ahmed told BBC. "Others were saying, 'This is an embarrassment. We need to honor our word.' "
ic newspapers clearly show their editors and writers as being insanely irrational when they make irrational insane statements such as "Shoot This Woman." British newspapers, even as wild as some of them get at times, would never say shoot a teacher because his/her students named a Teddy Bear Jesus, in fact they would not even bother to make a comment on such a silly trivial. No wonder, with this irrational insanity of many in Islam, that Islam is responsible for about 95% of the violence in the world today. Let's look at the facts.
[quote] The Weekend Australian (newspaper) had this to say on the matter,
<<"Did you know that 90-95% of the conflicts in the world today are Muslims fighting non-muslims or each other?
Islam is intolerant of other religions, so much so that Christians in Nigeria, Sudan and middle eastern countries are killed for practicing their religion. Muslims are also responsible for burning down their churches. Sydney has recently seen an attack on four churches for similar reasons. (December 16, 2005) How can we tolerate such intolerance?">>.[7]

Says it all, so clearly Islam should be redefined as something other than a religion. So it is very necessary that this greed and hate be addressed. Remember, Matthew 5:9, "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." (AV).

Let's consider the facts as continually revealed in the world news that shows if any thing that the newspaper editor may have been a little low when he said 95 percent of the violence in the world was caused by Muslims. Here are some instances of terrorism by members of Islam:[7]

(1) World Trade Center - 9/11 - unprovoked attack and mass murder by Muslims.[8]
(2) London Subway Bombing by Muslims [9]
(3) Continued mosque bombings in Iraq by Muslims.[10]
(4) Suicide bombings in Israel by Muslims.[11]
(5) Suicide bombing of a wedding reception in Jordan by Muslims.[12]
(6) Daily roadside bombings in Iraq by Muslims.[13]
(7) Train bombings in Spain my Muslims.[14]
(Cool Riots and car burnings and murders in France by Muslims.[15]
(9) Suicide bombings in Iraq by Muslims.[16]
(10) Car and truck bombings in Iraq by Muslims.[17]
(11) Unprovoked murder of 8 Israelis and the kidnapping of 2 by Muslims to provoke turmoil and violence in Lebanon and Israel by Muslims.[18]
(12) Unprovoked murder of 2 Israelis and the kidnapping of 1 by Muslims to provoke turmoil and violence in Gaza by Muslims.[19]
(13) Bombing of restaurants and cafes in Bali, Indonesia by Muslims.[20]
(14) Bombing of a trains in India by Muslims.[21]
(15) Take over of a grammar school in Russia resulting in the deaths of many students by Muslims.[22]
(16) Attempted shoebombing of a plain by a Muslim.[23]
(17) Conspiracy to bomb about 10 planes going from UK by Muslims.[24]
(18) Attempted murder of several Indian politicians in Kashmir by Muslims.[25]
(19) Many violent acts by Muslims in Afghanistan.[26]
(20) Murder of a girl by Shiite Muslims in Iran.[27]
(21) Conspiracy to bomb trains in Germany - as previously posted for you.[28]
(22) And the list could go on and on, get it?

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[source - Large Religions are False Religions - Their Fruitage


"It is an unusual case, which came about as a misunderstanding which was not managed well in the early stages," said Khalid al Mubarak, a spokesman at the Sudanese Embassy in London.

"If the government intervened in the legal process, there would be an outcry and people would say, 'They haven't got an independent judiciary,' " Mubarak said. "If they did not intervene, people would say, 'Look at them, how they treat someone who went there to help in order to teach their children.' "[[There is in reality no independent judiciary when the judiciary is irrationally insane and belongs in a mental institution and NOT a court room.]]

Mubarak said that the pardon was a logical step by the president after the judiciary had imposed a minimum sentence. "She had no idea what she was doing, we are convinced of that," he said.[[Now what did she really do wrong? NOTHING that is what.]]

Gibbons was eager to emphasize that she had no quarrel with the Sudanese and had enjoyed her time there until her arrest.

Although she was terrified during her eight days in custody, she said she would encourage people to go work there.

"In fact, I know of a lovely school that needs a new Year 2 teacher," she told reporters at the airport.

The teacher's release comes on the eve of a British goodwill and peacekeeping mission to meet with the Sudanese president and to visit Sudan's troubled Darfur region, a sensitive political issue between the two countries.

"This situation has been heavily manipulated by the Sudanese government," said Gill Lusk, a Sudanese analyst at the London-based newsletter Africa Confidential. "There would be a few people who would be offended by a teddy bear named Muhammad, but most of my Sudanese friends see it as a political issue."[[A Teddy Bear as a political issue how irrational insane can you get?]]>>>.

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