The Forgotten Occupations That Need To End:

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The Forgotten Occupations That Need To End: Empty The Forgotten Occupations That Need To End:

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The Forgotten Occupations That Need To End:


It is an interesting fact that in today's world the ones that scream the most about what they call wrongful occupations are indeed the worst offenders the world has ever known. Even what they call occupations are either policing actions that they themselves should have undertaken, but others were forced to undertake due to their failure to police their own or actually where they are actually wrongfully occupying some of the land belonging to a brother tribe.
The policing actions being mentioned are those in Iraq and Afghanistan made necessary due to their inaction against one of their own, Sunni Sheik Usama bin Ladin. They should have taken action against him instead of forcing outsiders into doing the policing action. No instead of stepping up to the plate on this, they protest and scream when others were forced to take action due to their inaction when they should have taken action.

Is this really surprising? No, as they seem to have the inability to distinguish between cause and effect, the results. First a definition of terms to assist the understanding of all.

Cause = Something that brings about an effect or result [source - Webster New Collegiate Dictionary].

Effect = 1. To cause to come into being, 2. To bring about often by surmounting obstacles: accomplish, b. to put into effect. [source - Webster New Collegiate Dictionary].

Result = 1. Something that results as a consequence, issue, or conclusion, [from a cause or action] [source - Webster New Collegiate Dictionary].

Therefor a cause is something that gives rise to effects or results as a consequence. For example, if you light the fuse leading to sticks of dynamite the effect or consequence will be an explosion. How big or destructive the explosion depends on the placement of the dynamite. In an open field, the effect or consequences will be minimal, but in a crowded building the, the effect or consequences could be very significant.

Now this simple principle of cause and effect - the consequences- is something Islam has never been able to understand since the days of Muhammad (pbuh). They have always assumed they can take actions against others, the cause, and that the effects or consequences should be trivial. Of course throughout history this has NOT proved to be the case.


Let's deal with some WRONGFUL occupations:

FIRST, What is called Turkey is actually land wrongly occupied by Islam that was taken from the Byzantine Empire and should be given back to them. There is no security issues or any legitimate reason for Islam to remain in Turkey.

SECOND, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, etc. are all parts of greater India originally belonging to the Hindus and the Buddhist now wrongly occupied by Islam which they should get out of. Let's look at the facts, go to,

[1] Data Complied by Hindu scholar Nkgrock on rape, forced conversions, sand stealing, temple destruction, murders, massacres, etc. by members of Islam in India, Pakistan, & Afghanistan. At,

[2] India Taken by the Sword by Muslims From 10 Century On: at,

[3] Islam, Violent From The Beginning Using India as An Example: at,

[4] Kashmir the True Situation at,

[5] Arab Imperialism Masked as Religion Threatens World Tranquility/Peace: at,

[6] Blood, Blood, and More Blood, the Story of Islam: at,

[7] Large Religions are False Religions - Their Fruitage at,

There is no security issues or any legitimate reason for Islam to remain in greater India.

THIRD, The wrongful occupation of parts of Palestine by descendants of Abraham's son Ishmael when all of Palestine was given to the descendants of Abraham's son Isaac to perpetuity. For details, see,

[go to 1] Whose Land Is It? A Study of The Land of Palestine at,

[go to 2] The Quran Testifies to The Kingdom of the Hebrews: at,

[go to 3] Digital Book on Land Title,


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