Some of Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace

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Some of Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace Empty Some of Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace

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Some of Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace

2011.01.01 (Alexandra, Egypt) - Twenty-one parishoners are incinerated by an al-Qaeda bomb attack on a New Year's Day church mass.

2011.01.01 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - Two cops are killed while trying to defuse an Islamic marketplace bomb.

2010.12.31 (Abuja, Nigeria) - Proponents of Islamic law detonate a bomb at a packed market, killing at least four patrons.

2010.12.31 (Gulistan, Afghanistan) - A religious fanatic with a sniper rifle kills an Italian soldier at his base.

2010.12.30 (Kirkuk, Iraq) - Sunni terrorists gun down a man in his garden.

2010.12.30 (Baghdad, Iraq) - Coordinated Mujahideen attacks against Christian families leave at least two dead. [source - retrieved from on 1/02/2011]

Yes, of course NOT all members of Islam are committing these wrongs any more than all Catholic priest are pedophiles that molest young children, but all that proves is that good people can be in a bad false religion. In fact there is an excellent article entitled “Good People Can Be In Evil False Religions” that can be found at:

Now what do both of these religions have in common? They have a great need to do a ‘house cleaning’ of the evil and bad ones in their organizations. Neither has so far done so; yes, the Catholics have made some effort to do so; whereas, Islam has made NO effort to do so. It has gotten so bad with respect Islam that their ‘peace effort’ is actually a case of one body at a time as shown by the items cited above and by the following news items.

1) Widespread Islamic Attacks On Christians
January 2, 2011: Islamic radical violence against Christians in the last ten days has left over 80 dead, hundreds wounded and over a hundred suspects arrested. In the northeast, police have arrested nearly a hundred actual or suspected members of Boko Haran. In the process, eight people have died, including three policemen. Police believe they have the chief financier of Boko Haran, and several other members of the group's leadership. Security forces tactics often backfire, as many army and police commanders allow their personnel to loot homes that are raided, and raid any home they want. The police and troops will often release suspects if a large enough bribe can be arranged. Troops and cops also tend to be pretty brutal, and at times trigger-happy. [source - retrieved from on 1/02/2011]

2) Egyptian Christians protest after bomb attack at church kills 21, By Sarah A Topol in Alexandria
Christians in Egypt staged protests in three cities yesterday to protest against the government's failure to protect them after a bombing blamed on Islamic militants that killed 21 people as worshippers left a church service 30 minutes into the new year.

Security forces maintained a heavy security presence around the Saints Church in the northern port city of Alexandria where morning Mass was held amid the debris of the blast and bloodstained walls.

Hundreds of black-clad riot police and dozens of security forces' personnel carriers later cordoned off the street, preventing mourners from entering while emotions ran high. "I want to know those who killed these people in there, why did they do it? God created life, who are men to take it?" wailed Aida Scond, a Coptic Christian woman outside the barricades. "Who do they think they are?" [source - retrieved from on 1/02/2011]

REALITY; Islam has always been violent and has NEVER cleaned house of those who promote violence and violence is common wherever members of Islam are.


Eternity – An Understanding Of What It Is:

The Bible speaks of everlasting life. This term describes the length of that
life. In human experience the concept of anything lasting implies that it
continues to exist, whereas virtually everything in the present time has a
beginning and an end no matter what it may be. Ever attached to lasting adds the
dimension of continuing to exist endlessly; a concept that is not readily
perceived as it goes contrary to the human experience.

Do we grasp just what it is that is at stake here? Failure to attempt to
appreciate this can result in bad decisions comparable to that of Esau. He did
not value his birthright as firstborn and sold it for something of little
lasting value. Could we per chance make a similar bad decision and end up
selling not a birthright but exchanging ever-lasting life for the temporary
enjoyment of bodily desire be it for lentil stew or more carnal things like
greed, theft, extortion, illicit sexual conduct, drunken bouts, revelries, fits
of anger. . .

To make the difficult to comprehend concept of ever-lasting life let us now
engage in a mental exercise that may assist us to begin to fathom just exactly
what it is that God is telling us that he intends to do in our behalf. At
conception each of us began as a single cell; yet we were already a distinct
person with all of our parts 'written down' in the genetic code that would be
the blueprint for who we would be. Whether we want to realize it or not at that
very moment of conception we were conceived in sin. That carried an immediate
death penalty and if we had died then or 120 years later or even 969 years later
in the stream of eternity our life span would amount to nothing; like a mist
that appeared and then disappeared.

An illustration that adults can grasp is this: conceived in sin and condemned to
death at that very moment; terminally ill; sentenced to eternal death; a
prisoner on death row; suddenly a promised redeemer comes. He says that he will

your freedom from execution on one condition: that you agree to be his slave.
You know you will be executed for a certainty if you refuse. So wanting to live
you agree to those terms. He pays the enormous price demanded for your release
and then he instructs you what it is you must now do to fulfill your agreement;
namely to slave for this person in exchange for your very life. You are informed
that if you do not live up to that agreement the contract is null and void and
you return to death row once again.

Christ the lamb of God paid that price with his ignominious death upon a cruel
torture stake. He did nothing at all to deserve that; yet he died in your place;
because you were condemned to death. For him to pay the price for your release
no amount of gold or silver or diamonds could ever be enough. Only His blood and
perfect body could satisfy the price on your head. He sacrificed himself for you
way before you were conceived. God now says listen to him. Do whatever he tells
you. Trust him. I sent him so that if you exercise faith in him you dont have to
be destroyed. Instead of being destroyed i will give you life; ever-lasting
life. Eternal life. You will live for all eternity.

But just what is this eternity that is herein mentioned?

Is it a

Those are SECONDS of eternity.
In eternity 1000 years will become but as a day that has passed.

Jehovah God, the King of Eternity, is offering you life for as long as he
lives--the max that He can offer.

Eternity will be lived a day at a time.

Never will you find out you are terminally ill.
No one will be old.
Nobody will be sick.
No hunger.
No mourning, outcry or pain.
Only blessed life in abundance with loved ones.
You will regain a relationship with God lost in Eden. You will be a child of God
without need for a mediator. He will be your God and your Father.
He will have an intimate and personal relationship with you as an individual.
You will be close to Him and He close to you.
You will have His holy spirit upon you and the fruitage it produces.

You will build houses and live in them,
plant fig trees and vineyards.
Food will sprout to the tops of the mountains as edible grain.
Your dead loved ones will be there with you forever.

How can we squander all of this for some foolishness like immorality or gross
lies, drunkeness, theft, slander, greed? What should we do to slave for Christ
in view of His purchasing us with precious blood? Make up your mind that from
this moment on you will take seriously EVERY word from Christ's faithful servant
and you will conscientiously endeavor to do what we are instructed to do with
our power of reason setting realistic theocratic goals.

Philippians 2:13, “For it is, God, who energiseth within you, both the desiring and the energising, in behalf of his good pleasure.” (Rotherham Bible; RB) plus the 5 cross-references indicates that God causes us to will and to act. He knows what our potential really is and He will implant in each one of us realistic theocratic endeavors. This He will do by means of the spirit. He will cause us to desire to do the very things he already knows that we will be able to do. We are individuals and he determines what we are able to accomplish in behalf of service to Him and His Son. Listen carefully and take note of the inner feelings that God puts in us and determine to achieve what God knows you can do. You will find true happiness both now and forevermore.

Now to know the truth, go to:








Your Friend in Christ Iris89

Francis David said it long ago, "Neither the sword of popes...nor the image of death will halt the march of truth."Francis David, 1579, written on the wall of his prison cell." Read the book, "What Does The Bible Really Teach" and the Bible today!


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